Selected Media Coverage of Research

“Voting tactically? Here’s how to do it right”The Guardian (Dec 2019)

“Can parties sign up more people to postal votes with mailings? Some evidence”Mark Pack (May 2019)

“Urging party supporters to sign up for postal votes is ineffective” (Apr 2019)

“Urging party supporters to sign up for postal votes is ineffective”EurekAlert! (Apr 2019)

“Urging party supporters to sign up for postal votes is ineffective”University of Kent News (Apr 2019)

“How not to recruit postal voters in the UK” – LSE British Politics & Policy (Mar 2019).

“‘Conceived in Harlesden’: When do candidates emphasise their local connections in UK general elections?” – Democratic Audit UK (Jan, 2019).

“Podcast: What the evidence really says about the impact of campaigning – Josh Townsley”Mark Pack (Nov 2018)

“How leaflets and canvassing raise turnout in British elections”Mark Pack (Oct 2018)

“Do party leaflets and canvass visits increase voter turnout?” – LSE British Politics & Policy (Oct 2018).

“Campaign spending and voter turnout: does a candidate’s local prominence influence the effect of their spending?” – Democratic Audit UK (Aug 2018).

Media Commentary

BBC local radio (Discussing defections and election strategy– from 1:24:00)

Shout Out UK (‘Democratic Dashboard: The Missing Piece British Politics Needs’)               

Kent Q-Step (podcast contributor: ‘How To Win Arguments With Numbers’)                            

I have also secured media coverage for the LSE’s Democratic Dashboard site on the Guardian, Independent, Express, ITV, and in various regional news outlets.

I was a regular contributor to the  ‘How To Win Arguments With Numbers’ podcast ahead of the 2017 General Election (available on iTunes). I also organised and spoke at a public panel event on the future of opinion polling.