Research & Publications

Journal Articles

Can parties recruit postal voters? Experimental evidence from Britain, with Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte. Electoral Studies (forthcoming) [pre-registration].

Drowned out by the noise? The downstream mobilisation effects of traditional party campaigning between local and general elections. Journal of Experimental Political Science (forthcoming) [pre-registration].

Is it worth door knocking? Evidence from a UK-based GOTV field experiment on the effect of party leaflets and canvass visits on voter turnout. Political Science Research and Methods (forthcoming). [doi, paper, code and data].

Conceived in Harlesden: Candidate-centred campaigning in British general elections, with C. Milazzo. Parliamentary Affairs (forthcoming). [doi, paper].

Information effect on voter turnout: How campaign spending mobilises voters, with S. Trumm and L. Sudulich. (2017) Acta Politica, 52(4): 461-478. [doi, paper].

In progress/Under Review

Gay and (politically) active: Homosexuality and its effect on electoral turnout in Europe, with S. Turnbull-Dugarte.

Tailoring the contact: Voters’ preferences for different campaign activities, with D. Cutts.

When do values matter? A survey experiment, with T. Hartman and J. Weinberg.

Personal messaging in local election communications, with C. Milazzo.

Providing local election information: The case of the Democratic Dashboard, with P. Dunleavy.

Do traditional party campaigns matter anymore? Experimental and Survey Evidence from Britain (Ph.D. thesis – submitted)

My doctoral research examines the role that party leaflets and canvass visits play in British politics today. I assess the extent to which these activities have declined in Britain, voters’ preferences for them, and the effect that they have on turnout. I present field experimental evidence to show that these activities are particularly important when it comes to mobilising voters at lower saliency local elections, while survey evidence shows that voters remain positively disposed to traditional forms of contact from parties at election time.

Other Publications

‘Conceived in Harlesden’: When do candidates emphasise their local connections in UK general elections? (2019) Democratic Audit. 

Do party leaflets and canvass visits increase voter turnout? (2018) LSE British Politics & Policy.

Campaign spending and voter turnout: does a candidate’s local prominence influence the effect of their spending? (2018) Democratic Audit.

England’s local elections 2018: bridging the information gap with the Democratic Dashboard. (2018) Democratic Audit.

The Economic Benefits of Joining, Establishing, or Growing a Multi Academy Trust, with Jon Andrews. (2017) Education Policy Institute.