Research & Publications

Research Interests

My main research interests are in partisan electoral campaigns and political behaviour. I use a combination of quantitative and experimental methods. Below is a list of published/accepted journal articles, working papers, and other publications.

Journal Articles

Can parties recruit postal voters? Experimental evidence from Britain. Electoral Studies (forthcoming). doi:10.1016/j.electstud.2019.02.013. With Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte. [paper, pre-registration].

Drowned out by the noise? The downstream mobilisation effects of party campaigning between local and general elections. Journal of Experimental Political Science (forthcoming). [paper, code and datapre-registration].

Is it worth door-knocking? Evidence from a UK-based GOTV field experiment on the effect of leaflets and canvass visits on voter turnout. Political Science Research and Methods (2018) doi:1017/psrm.2018.39. [paper, code and data]

Conceived in Harlesden: Candidate-centred campaigning in British general elections. Parliamentary Affairs (2018) doi:1093/pa/gsy040. With Caitlin Milazzo. [paper].

Information effect on voter turnout: How campaign spending mobilises voters. Acta Politica (2017), 52(4): 461–478. doi:1057/s41269-016-0027-8. With Siim Trumm & Laura Sudulich. [paper].

Working papers

Vote like your rights depend on it: Homosexuality and electoral participation in Europe. With Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte. (Preparing to submit). [paper].

What the voters want: Analysing voters’ preferences for campaign contact. With David Cutts. (Preparing to submit).

Projects in progress

GOTV canvassing and intra-household partisanship: experimental evidence. With Florian Foos.

When do we participate and why? Experimental research into values and politics. With Todd Hartman & James Weinberg.

Campaign experiments: a meta-analysis. With Florian Foos.

The nature of personalised campaigns in British general elections. With Caitlin Milazzo.

Providing election information: The case of the Democratic Dashboard. With Patrick Dunleavy.

Other Publications

How not to recruit postal voters in the UK. (2019) LSE British Politics & Policy (blog).

‘Conceived in Harlesden’: When do candidates emphasise their local connections in UK general elections? (2019) Democratic Audit UK (blog).

Do party leaflets and canvass visits increase voter turnout? (2018) LSE British Politics & Policy (blog).

Campaign spending and voter turnout: does a candidate’s local prominence influence the effect of their spending? (2018) Democratic Audit UK (blog).

England’s local elections 2018: bridging the information gap with the Democratic Dashboard. (2018) Democratic Audit UK (blog).

General Election 2017: Voting Toolkit. (2017) Use Your Voice (public resource).

The Economic Benefits of Joining, Establishing, or Growing a Multi Academy Trust. (2017) Education Policy Institute (report).